I’m  Eleni Fantis,  I’m the owner of Empire Activewear. We are UK based activewear line for women. Empire is most definitely known for its soft and comfortable fabric, and our matching sets.

A little back story, I did a degree in Interior Architecture and finished a Masters in marketing and business management. I was always interested in fitness but never really did anything with it whilst I was studying, plus life got in the way…A LOT. A few ups and downs, im pretty sure like most people.

 After long hours, working in something I never studied in, or enjoyed, I decided to make the jump into having my own little side business, my very own little EMPIRE which I started at the end of 2019.

I use to buy and sell many products before, but fitness clothes always resonated with me. Ive always loved sports wear ❤️ so I decided to focus all my energy on activewear. I Brought some different fabric samples and took the leap.

I started wearing my products to the gym and some of the ladies there were like “where did you get those leggings, where did you get those leggings” so I eventually set up a website so I could direct them to it.

I also started putting QR codes in some of the women’s toilets at the gym, like little stickers. Then I started going to service stations and putting them in women’s toilets. Where ever I could stick a sticker, I stuck it.

Our high- waisted leggings became our best sellers, they are ultra soft, comfortable, they are functional, and they wash like a dream. We have quite a few products now. We are famous for our matching sets and we really put an emphasis on bridging the gap between fitness and fashion so you can dress the sets up, dress them down. They are super versatile and easy to style.

I didn’t ever think Id have my own activewear company and my mum always use to say- “oh you’d be good at advertising for sports wear because you’re always wearing them” I was like you’re crazy, I could never compete with some of those big brands, but lo and behold here I am today! So yea, that’s the story on how I started. So you should NEVER GIVE UP on your dreams and always keep building on your goals and towards making your own




Any questions or just want to say hi?